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released March 10, 2011



all rights reserved


HONIG Düsseldorf, Germany


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Track Name: building bookshops
Bridges we've made of
toothpicks and strings
carry promises of lead
styrofoam clouds over head
it starts to rain

how about sailing
out to the sea
in a nutshell
brittle and small
a slave to the waves and
the high and the low

you can't sleep
you're far too excited
I can't sleep
cause I'm way too scarred

we're taking a sharp knife
we're staring to cut

bits of worn out tires
greasy parts out of long dead cars
building bookshops
for the lost
stories of hearts
we're missing in ours

and we're back
tumbling through the days
hoping they would pass
lying in the grass
Track Name: a body of water
In the end all the streams
Form one big body of water
Let us rest on our knees
And thank the almighty creator

For the bright light
For your long hair
For the right time

I look old
In this light light light

If I wasn’t sure I woke up
I’m not sure now I am dreaming
I don’t know where to stop
I’ll see the wall when it hits me

Why the red eyes
Why the crossed arms
Why the long face
Before you jump
Just try
And strap on your wings

There’s really nothing you can do
I’m going where you’re going too

You’ve got a song in your mouth
Don’t let it build a house

You’ve got ideas in your head
Don’t dare to take em to bed
Track Name: nobody's boy
I wouldn't mind if you'd tell the truth
For once
But you weave your spider web and it goes on and on

Riots and buildings
They rise rise rise
Sleep by the roadside and watch you try
People are willows they bend bend bend
You’re gonna get it before the end
And walk with the wolves
Down here in the dirt

You have a voice to bring mountains down
So sing
you've got the hands to build them up

and I don’t know who you are
but I think I’ve seen you here before
would you like to leave together?
we could send for all your furniture and bags
Track Name: the last of the polar bears
The last
Of the polar bears
Hasn’t made it here
He’s been drunk and driving

The last
Of the polar bears
Hasn’t made it here
He’s been lead astray

All is white
All is white

in Alaska
Where my thoughts are
With you in Alaska

All is white
All is white
When you’ve lost your mind
Track Name: new blood
This shouldn’t be a question
For I have come to rescue us
And if this ship was sinking
Would I float and serve you as a rescue boat

Everybody’s craving
New blood and
Grand savings
I’m stark naked in this picture
And I gave up on
All the save jobs
The possibilities
They seem endless please
Give me one straight task I’ll be on my knees