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(free) 03:42


released August 1, 2008

written by stefan honig
arranged and produced by jan sedgwick
recorded by florian dreher




all rights reserved


HONIG Düsseldorf, Germany


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Track Name: in full makeup
In full makeup

you’re looking pretty weird in full makeup
only for this one single time
you tell me I’m your curse and you are mine

and I can see you
I still feel you
and if you jump then I will too
and even in this old tiny picture
these are your values not mine
but I can just laugh ‘bout this petty crime

demonstrate, on a pride parade
lay down to sleep turn on your engine please
lay down, make no sound, run away
it’s time to hit the ground
Track Name: brand new bike
brand new bike

and it’s just as if I didn’t happen to cry at the cinema
wiped my eyes dry and tried not to look as if I really had to
I felt so embarrassed to see what I saw – you just gotta cope with it
Come down and take it all up again I don’t wanna hear nothing at all
That’s so easy on screen

And tonight I will take a ride on my brand new bike
Passing houses while trying to guess what the hell’s inside
Weaving stories bout a world where I can’t go in or out
I’m to look in while the windows steaming up

And I think you where right I’ve been meaning to hide in the bathroom
Slipped a note through the door it has happened before
I’ll be back soon
Cause things like that happen to me all the time
By now they’re all over the place all those stories that I like to hide
They’re not happening on screen
Track Name: one

I should stop tying to save anyone from a life they chose to live
It does depend on who you are and what you’ve been through
Where you’re mind is at
We’ve never even met

If there is one who can tell me why would they do it
One who could tell me why

I should stop tying to save anyone from a lie they chose to live
It’s unbearable so I really need to know…
Track Name: breakfast cereals
breakfast cereals

I start learning the alphabet
I need a hug when I go to bed
I build spaceships and aeroplanes
I fly to planets and distant lands
Milk bowls and breakfast cereals
Sweet cakes and silly birthday hats
I built towers that reach to the sky

All I wanna know is that you are there
And that you watch over me along the way
I listen to you so listen to me too

Scraped knees, knights, cowboys and toothfaries
Building shelters and climbing trees
My favorite song and the flute that I’m playing it on
Track Name: the blue team
The blue team

Tell me why would the dark put a smile on your face
Guess I know how
Cause you do love to keep all your secrets
Maybe that’s odd but your demons will chase you
I cannot say so, but oh
I don’t know why they should ,though

You possibly can’t use it
But you know that
Cowboys like quite shows
And the maker of that show, you know, you know, you know

In a way you did know
There was no luck involved
But still you think so
You have no idea what you wish for
Maybe we’re all gonna miss what you gave us
Maybe you’ll hate us
But how should we know who is to be trusted
Track Name: choke on bees
Choke on bees

And when the bee sat down upon my tongue
I was pretty sure I would be stung
I needed calming words to sooth my mind
Cause my imagination was running wild

If you hold your breath ‘till the swellings past
You could still be with us next morning
But if you panic now and scream
There just won’t be a new morning
That’s just too nice thanks for giving me advice

And then the bees crawled deeper down my throat
And all that I could think of was to choke
And when it finally flew out of my mouth
I was relieved to watch it fly away unharmed
Track Name: portugal

Pick me a rose on your way to Portugal
So you know that you’re really coming home

I’ll meet you at the sea
Keep waiting for me

Dig a hole in the sand for me to cool my feet
Ride in your sleep on your wings to Portugal

I’ll meet you at the sea
Keep waiting for me
Track Name: paperbag
Paper bag

I always start to stumble every time I try to tell you why
I’ve been acting really strange
I didn’t notice that you have cried
And everyone of us is so entangled in his thoughts
What are you thinking of

I bet it’s something about love
And of your fear of being dropped
But if you’re looking for security
There’s no such thing as a policy except a ring
But I know that you never wanted that
And everyone of us is so entangled in his thoughts
What are you thinking of
Track Name: it's over
It’s over

I am scared of shopping malls
When I’m in I just wanna get out
My sight gets blurred and I’m in trance
I get sick when I smell more then two perfumes at once

It’s over
It looked alright at first but it doesn’t fit my shoulder
It’s over
It looks nice but it doesn’t fit
I will get over it

I am scared of shopping malls
When I’m in I just wanna get out

Boys in pink polo-shirts, girls in strings
Discussing whether or not they’ll fit in
Track Name: if

If you can’t sleep
Make their eyes bleed
If you’re awake
Make their legs shake
If you’re a mess
I couldn’t care less
If it wasn’t for you
If they believe that
You know the truth
If they are lame
Make their legs move
If they are blind
Make their eyes see
If you can’t leave
Turn onto me
If you are spend
You can regain
All of your strength
Just go insane
If it wasn’t for you I would
Track Name: overboard
low born wolfs
and high born birds
the branches struck us
where it hurts

razor claws or mighty wings
we will all face him

and in control we’re not
what is it everyone thinks
they are
and in control we're not
the waves that you're running from
are catching up

oh, we've been weeping enough
let memories grow old now

sealing of the windows failed
they are coming up the stairs
fear no more but care no less
cause this is all there is

if it's not up to you, oh boy, refrain
take a picture of home and set out again
the path is beaten and so are you
others are floating too